Review: Camangi WebStation Android Tablet

The device came with the usual retail box and some accessories – a pouch, earphones with microphone, a screen wipe cloth, two booklets which were a quick start guide and one containing legal disclaimers, the power supply and what seemed to be the stand. If you’re asking why there’s a stand, that’s because Camangi Webstation Android Tablet can be used as a digital picture frame.

The device was fairly OK when it was booted up and I had no problems in starting it up. It took quite a while though, but I didn’t really mind. When it comes to actually using the device though, there are quite a few observations worth mentioning.

First, the device was a bit slow. It did respond to touch scrolling but it lags along the way. At times, in attempting to scroll down, you accidentally hit other buttons and trigger other functions. This can be quite a hassle as opening a wrong application will slow down the whole device even more not to mention the time you’d have to spend in getting out of the application and going back to what you were trying to do. I have encountered significant problems in typing as the device couldn’t seem to catch up with the speed at which I was typing.

Second, the device performed fairly well but was a bit slow when it came to browsing the web. Like Apple devices, Camangi WebStation Android Tablet cannot play videos or load games in Flash. The device also had other web application programs like an ebook reader and the web marketplace. These applications were also quite slow. The video playback was a total disappointment with audio and video out of sync.

Overall, Camangi WebStation Android Tablet is quite an overpriced and technically slow device that would be better off as a photo digital frame instead.

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