Camangi Market Developer’s ePaper

There have been lots of questions lately from application developers with regards to how their applications are promoted on Camangi Market. Basically, applications are promoted in two ways. Your applications are promoted through the Weekly Star section which appears on the PC version of the website. The application which is featured on the Weekly Star section is chosen by our editor. The application featured is the most popular and one with the most potential for that week. Editors also choose from different language version apk in line with multiple usage requirement promotion. Another way that your apk is promoted is through the Camangi Market apk version. Upon loading the homepage, several applications appear just below the Camangi Market headline in the form of banners. These applications are of different kinds so users and downloaders can have a wide selection to choose from.

If you would like to have your application promoted, simply send your requirement with the subject: “apk promotion apply – apk name” to Once your email has been received, your requirements will be forwarded to the editors to start off the promotion. If you have updated your applications, please provide Camangi Market with the latest version so users can also update their applications and appreciate your work more.

To help you get a better idea of the users and downloaders at Camangi Market, we are now offering you exclusive user’s analysis! The user’s analysis will give summarized and graphically represented market information so you can have better understanding of your target users. You can now modify your applications to suit market information. Useful information like gender, age, country of origin and their respective percentage share are now easily within your grasp through the Sex and Age Analysis on Camangi Market and the Visitors Source both available on a monthly basis.

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