Communication Apps Review

It’s a very useful and practical app. The good thing about it is that you can look for jobs anywhere, anytime since it’s a mobile app. Unlike other applications, your resume is not limited to writing but can also include a video and an audio profile. I think this is a very good feature since it gives a more holistic view of the applicant and not limiting your chances to how good you’ve written your resume.

Review: TopRussianBrite

The application was fairly good and quite updated too. It is a good dating site and gives you access to lots of profiles of other singles who are available for a chat and a relationship in the long run. The good thing about it is that the application doesn’t intervene with the communication between the two parties. With a serious and all honest partner, I bet people can really make relationships work through this application.

Review: 1 Click SMS

A very fun application! It doubles as a diary which is really a good thing. It saves you from the hassle of scrolling through lots of messages on your mobile phone and even has a tag feature. The search bar allows you to find the tags quite faster than having to scroll through hundreds of messages on your phone. You can even edit the tags and the messages itself so there won’t be a problem with sending messages.

Review: Dolphin Browser Beta

If you’re looking for a super fast browser, then this application is most definitely for you! It’s quite fast compared to Chrome which is what I’m using now. Another cool thing about this app is that it saves you time from having to type everything that you need to do. From searching to posting on social networking sites, the Sonar feature allows you to speak on your phone instead of having to type everything out!

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