Camangi thanks you

Thanks for your highly interest in Camangi WebStation.
We’ve received so many requests asking for product and launch day of Camangi WebStation. [apparently, we have to thank some enthusiastic spreaders]. We also know that there are some speculations about whether Camangi is going to launch WebStation or not. So now, we’re very happy to announce that Camangi WebStation will be ready to market no later than early December this year!

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To appreciate your early attention in Camangi WebStation, Camangi open up the opportunity for the first 100 users to get Early Bird Price . Fill in brief personal information below and receive the up-to-date product information and coupon news of Camangi WebStation from now on!

Plus, we’re looking for foresighted pioneers to develop apps for this new 7-inch Android portable device. So if you are Android developers, please kindly note us more information or opinions in item

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Once you’ve finished with your Camangi Webstation and of course replaced it with an updated model, please recycle it!

Review: Camangi WebStation Android Tablet

The device came with the usual retail box and some accessories – a pouch, earphones with microphone, a screen wipe cloth, two booklets which were a quick start guide and one containing legal disclaimers, the power supply and what seemed to be the stand. If you’re asking why there’s a stand, that’s because Camangi Webstation Android Tablet can be used as a digital picture frame.

The device was fairly OK when it was booted up and I had no problems in starting it up. It took quite a while though, but I didn’t really mind. When it comes to actually using the device though, there are quite a few observations worth mentioning.

First, the device was a bit slow. It did respond to touch scrolling but it lags along the way. At times, in attempting to scroll down, you accidentally hit other buttons and trigger other functions. This can be quite a hassle as opening a wrong application will slow down the whole device even more not to mention the time you’d have to spend in getting out of the application and going back to what you were trying to do. I have encountered significant problems in typing as the device couldn’t seem to catch up with the speed at which I was typing.

Second, the device performed fairly well but was a bit slow when it came to browsing the web. Like Apple devices, Camangi WebStation Android Tablet cannot play videos or load games in Flash. The device also had other web application programs like an ebook reader and the web marketplace. These applications were also quite slow. The video playback was a total disappointment with audio and video out of sync.

Overall, Camangi WebStation Android Tablet is quite an overpriced and technically slow device that would be better off as a photo digital frame instead.

Camangi Market Developer’s ePaper

There have been lots of questions lately from application developers with regards to how their applications are promoted on Camangi Market. Basically, applications are promoted in two ways. Your applications are promoted through the Weekly Star section which appears on the PC version of the website. The application which is featured on the Weekly Star section is chosen by our editor. The application featured is the most popular and one with the most potential for that week. Editors also choose from different language version apk in line with multiple usage requirement promotion. Another way that your apk is promoted is through the Camangi Market apk version. Upon loading the homepage, several applications appear just below the Camangi Market headline in the form of banners. These applications are of different kinds so users and downloaders can have a wide selection to choose from.

If you would like to have your application promoted, simply send your requirement with the subject: “apk promotion apply – apk name” to Once your email has been received, your requirements will be forwarded to the editors to start off the promotion. If you have updated your applications, please provide Camangi Market with the latest version so users can also update their applications and appreciate your work more.

To help you get a better idea of the users and downloaders at Camangi Market, we are now offering you exclusive user’s analysis! The user’s analysis will give summarized and graphically represented market information so you can have better understanding of your target users. You can now modify your applications to suit market information. Useful information like gender, age, country of origin and their respective percentage share are now easily within your grasp through the Sex and Age Analysis on Camangi Market and the Visitors Source both available on a monthly basis.

Communication Apps Review

It’s a very useful and practical app. The good thing about it is that you can look for jobs anywhere, anytime since it’s a mobile app. Unlike other applications, your resume is not limited to writing but can also include a video and an audio profile. I think this is a very good feature since it gives a more holistic view of the applicant and not limiting your chances to how good you’ve written your resume.

Review: TopRussianBrite

The application was fairly good and quite updated too. It is a good dating site and gives you access to lots of profiles of other singles who are available for a chat and a relationship in the long run. The good thing about it is that the application doesn’t intervene with the communication between the two parties. With a serious and all honest partner, I bet people can really make relationships work through this application.

Review: 1 Click SMS

A very fun application! It doubles as a diary which is really a good thing. It saves you from the hassle of scrolling through lots of messages on your mobile phone and even has a tag feature. The search bar allows you to find the tags quite faster than having to scroll through hundreds of messages on your phone. You can even edit the tags and the messages itself so there won’t be a problem with sending messages.

Review: Dolphin Browser Beta

If you’re looking for a super fast browser, then this application is most definitely for you! It’s quite fast compared to Chrome which is what I’m using now. Another cool thing about this app is that it saves you time from having to type everything that you need to do. From searching to posting on social networking sites, the Sonar feature allows you to speak on your phone instead of having to type everything out!

Entertainment Apps Review

Listening to music and watching music videos has never been this fun with Zing MP3. The application is pretty much updated and gives you your daily dose of music craving without having to pay fees. Online streaming and listening are not the only options as it also allows you to download songs onto your mobile phone. It has a wide selection of music genre which means more albums and more singers within your very grasp!

Review: 100000+ Free Books

The catchword for this application is that it’s absolutely FREE! It’s one of the fastest growing portals of free reading materials that will surely delight readers from all walks of life. It even has a bookmark list which can make it easier for you to keep track of your favorite books. Forgetting where you have left off is also no problem when it comes to this application as it can restore your previous reading state.

Review: SPB TV

You’ll never have to miss your favorite shows, documentaries of TV features with SPB TV. You can watch virtually anything live and anything from on demand video services on your mobile phone. You just have to make sure that you have reliable internet connection or else you’ll probably spend a good few minutes if not hours trying to enjoy a live feed that stops at every second or so. Otherwise, everything’s good with this app!

Review: Heartbeat Sounds

This has got to be one of the most amazing discoveries I’ve ever made so far. Yes, heartbeat sounds do help keep babies calm. It somehow reminds them of the times they were in their mothers’ wombs where they can practically hear their mothers’ heartbeat. But it’s the first time that I’ve realized heartbeats can also soothe adults and help keep them calm. You can also use these surreal sounds as ringing and alert tones.